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Green careers include industry leadership and job training and placement in diverse jobs that protect environmental integrity and systems, protect human health and social justice while upholding federal and state laws regarding clean air, clean water, wildlife and habitat, sustainable communities, and new technologies for energy and chemistry efficiency. Green careers are found in almost every sector of the economy, and are more about strategies than specific job categories -- every job can be a greener job.
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Green Jobs and Green Careers in Environmental Innovation (Renewable Energy!)

"This is the breakout growth sector of the next generation," said the author of Next 10's report, "Energy Efficiency, Innovation, and Job Creation in California".

Green Job Training Catalog of Courses, Teleconferences & Materials

California Green Solutions is building a robust catalog of professional training courses and certification programs offered by private companies and colleges.  You will find this robust catalog covers business law, construction, human well as engineering and green building...and more. 

Solar Engineer Jobs

Solar Energy Installation Job descriptions can help you identify the best match for your local market, your training opportunities and your skills.

Industry Sectors

Social Responsibility

Floriculture & Landscape


Facility Jobs

Energy Efficiency

Solar Energy Installation Jobs

Solar Energy Installation Job descriptions can help you assess your network of contacts, your skills and your opportunities.

Green Jobs in Geothermal Power

Clean Energy Investments

Affordable Housing

Self-Employment: Work at home

Wind Energy Jobs

Wind Energy Job descriptions help you identify your strengths, and consider local opportunities for training and jobs.


Transportation & Logistics



Green Jobs in Hydro-Electric Power

150 Solar Companies to Explore

GreenBiz Executive Network

Floriculture Trade Association Promotes Career Sustainability

Learning Performance Mangement with LMS, HCM and HRMS

Greener Health Care with Environmental Public Health

When the Roundtable on Environmental Health Sciences, Research, and Medicine began its discussions, the roundtable members suggested that a broader concept of environmental public health needed to be established.

Sustainable Brands Conference May31-Jun 4, 2009

Green Your Nonprofit for Health and Service

It takes an inside champion to get an organization started on a greener pathway.  You can practice your leadership skills at the same time you develop new job skills AND green your own workplace environment by initiating a green program.  And you don't have to do it alone.  The San Francisco based Connect the Dots nonprofit is making it easy for you by providing an easy to implement system just for nonprofits!

Green Job Counting...and Other Impossible Missions

We're wasting time over defining what a green job is...when we could be greening many, many jobs.

Green Job Training in Healthcare

Water Professionals Can Subscribe to Water Jobs and Water News from Brown & Caldwell

Water News is a free e-mail newsletter that allows readers to choose from nine regional e-newsletters that bring the latest online water and wastewater-related stories from across the country to your desktop. Most are weekly -- California is daily -- and all are produced by water professionals for water professionals.

Smart Grid Solutions for the Energy Industry

Office Depot Provides 25 Free Resume Copies and 5 Faxes

Learn what energy incentives are available - Searchable Incentive Databases

Just a tip -- whether you're already employed, or trying to impress a prospective employer -- it's a good thing to know what kinds of energy saving incentives are available.  Here are some resources for you to check out...and learn about:

President Obama's Interview about Technology ...and Future Jobs

Affordable Housing and Foreclosure Prevention Seminar - July 15, Paso Robles, CA

Clean Energy Economy - Research by Pew Charitable Trust

California Innovation in the Green Economy focuses on Clean Tech

California's Goal of a Carbon Free Economy

Greenprint Project - Silicon Valley and San Jose face new global pressures for innovation leadership

Visual Business Tools

You need to find ways to work smarter today. We are visual creatures...and are becoming more so with the progressive development of digital media, color printing, ... even comic books as literature.

Tips for Finding Green Jobs

FYI, Green Jobs Network recently published a three-part article series on Finding Green Jobs. The goal of this series is to provide basic information to help answer a fundamental question -- how can a job seeker locate green jobs? The three parts of this article are:

Climate Reporting Growing Industry by Industry

Sick Building Syndrome could be dragging down your productivity

One of the main killers of productivity faced by today's workers is the Sick Building Syndrome.

Solving California's Budget and Money Management Crisis

I hadn't herd a good solution to California's budget woes until today.  In an article by Ellen Brown, you get a very different picture than I've seen in the media.  Here' an excerpt that summarizes the infrastructure of the problem:

120 Grad School Fellowhips in Environmental Areas

Fall 2009 EPA Science To Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowships For Graduate Environmental Study

The New Art Patronage - $1 a Month for Your Favorite Creatives

More and more people are becoming "cultural creatives" -- working in the information economy, at home, as freelancers and struggling with all the curbs and opportunities that must be weighed to make a viable living.  Jason Rohrer is one of these thought leaders.  He's gone further into the possibilities than most creatives I've visited with.  His ideas are worth noting.  And his solution -- asking patrons to support their favorite creatives takes us way back to the Renaissance Days...with today's Internet connections.

LEED Credentialing Maintenance Program (CMP) Launches Certification Updating

 More than 1300 green building professionals have already signed up to participate in the LEED Credentialing Maintenance Program (CMP) since it was launched just three weeks ago, according to The Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). 

DOL support Registered Apprenticeships for training youth

E-learning Validated by US Dept. of Education

Education is vital to a stronger community, nation...and career for each individual.  Not to mention a stronger citizenry. 

Apprenticeship resources from the Dept. of Labor

Top Ten (14) Scientific Questions Facing Us...and our Leaders

Followup.  It's where we learn the most.  Science Debate 2008 questioned the Presidential election candidates in 2008 about science and had a hard time getting candidates to include science in their policies and platforms. 

Registered Apprenticeship Grant Recipients

EDF Maps the Green Economy: California

Gen Y differences are changing the working world

Gen Ys are wired differently from the rest of the workforce.  

Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)

AB 32 Mandatory Reporting Training

California AB 32 climate change training for voluntary and mandatory compliance with greenhouse gas reductions for air quality improvement.

Resources Recovery Certification

25% of current and upcoming green jobs are projected to be in resource recovery.

Electricians become Energy Contractors

Green Jobs in Energy Growing at College Sustainability Centers

Nationwide, more than 100 majors, minors or certificates were created in 2009 in energy and sustainability-focused programs at colleges big and small.

Certifications and Associate Degrees In-Demand for Middle-Skill Level Jobs

Middle-skill jobs, which require more than a high school education but less than a four-year degree, currently make up the largest segment of jobs in the U.S. economy, and will continue to do so for years to come.

Ecometrics for Continuous Improvement (and Green)

California Green Jobs Overview from EDD

California's Employment Development Division has provided extensive research into the green jobs and green careers that are expected to develop based on California's fostering clean tech research and development.

Sustainability Leadership Certificate

Sustainability Leadership Certificate Program for Business Leaders

Energy: Alternative Energy Training Certification

In October 2008, Global Insight, Inc. released a study showing approximately 750,000 people employed in what can be considered as green jobs. This makes up less than one percent of the total employment in this field. It is anticipated that by 2038, 4.2 million green jobs will be added to alternative energy, accounting for 10 percent of new job growth over the next 30 years.

Let's Rise to the Occasion!

The Green Job Wizard is published by Solutions For Green, an information media company that focuses of green, environmental and sustainable solutions to the current pressing issues: energy constraints, environmental degradation, and community sustainability.

Edited by Carolyn Allen, Managing Editor of Solutions For Green


Resources Recovery Certification
Certifications and Associate Degrees In-Demand for Middle-Skill Level Jobs
Sustainability Leadership Certificate
Los Angeles Conservation Corps and EPA Launch Green Job Training Program in Brownfields
California Innovation in the Green Economy focuses on Clean Tech

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