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Each section on this website contains articles and sub-sections to help you discover solutions that fit your interests. Drill down...and learn how to save money, improve quality, and enjoy the beauty and function of a sustainable home and workplace.
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Recycling & Reuse Recycling & Reuse of natural resources and materials for conservation, compliance, cost savings and waste management.

About Us - Solutions For Green & Green Job Wizard Green Job Wizard is published by Solutions for Green - a respected publisher of a network of green, sustainability and high-performance media.
Career Choices with Training and Certifications Career choices with training and certifications can shape the jobs you qualify for...and the success and respect your career brings you. We help you find options.
Certification: Job Training Certification: Job Training for today's jobs is enhanced with specific certifications to show employers your aptitude, skills and knowledge.
Certification Testing / Exams Certification Testing and Exams is one pathway to certification in some careers - other career ladder certification requires training and experience.
Green Job Industry Sectors Green Job Industry Sectors include ALL sectors, but some are leaders such as clean energy, green building and energy efficiency.
Certification Agencies: Education & Training
IT INFORMATION TECH IT management certificate and training programs for computers and software are applicable across industries, government and education.
HEALTH CARE Health care is changing with consumer changes, regulation and technological changes. Green, sustainable health care practices can reduce operational costs, improve care and focus on patient outcomes.
BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION* Building and construction certifications are increasingly valuable as technologies and techniques are changed to green building, high performance building materials and techniques. We bring you certifications that have value.
MANUFACTURING* Manufacturing is the backbone of a consumer-based economy and encompasses design, processes, supply chain, distribution and take back programs to recycle valuable materials.
TRANSPORTATION Transportation career certifications include air, rail, trucking, conveyance, and more. Transportation is an essential part of our infrastructure and career development helps make our roads safe, secure and economical.
On LIne Training
Test Providers
Certification Certificates
Degree Programs
Career Development Resources Career development depends on your on-going education, experience and professionalism. Certification can help in many career areas. We help you find appropriate certification programs and the training to enhance your job and career development.
EDUCATION* for Career Certification Education for career advancement and job certification is provided by public and private colleges, universities, community colleges, training companies and employers. And individuals through mentoring.
Renewable Power
Smart Grid
Registered Apprenticeship Programs
Self-Education, Lifelong Learning
BUSINESS Training and Certification Business Training and Certification provides the productivity of manufacturing, IT, HR, distribution, transportation and innovation for our society. We help you find business career development options.
ENTREPRENEURSHIP Entrepreneurship and small business launches are the lifeblood of self development, community stability and innovation. Learn how before you jump!
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Professional services provide many career opportunities in the services economy from legal, insurance, consulting to finance and creative services. Many professional services require certification by government or trade association programs that control practices, qualifications and continuing education.
Accounting, Law, Insurance Accounting, Law and Insurance certifications and ongoing professional education provide the basis for state licensing in these traditional professional fields
Energy Efficiency
INVESTMENT Investment in business and infrastructure in a balanced network of human energy, innovation, natural materials and marketplace systems. Without balance, investment is wasted in incomplete systems.
Exporting & Logistics Exporting & logistics spans the distance between local and global shipping, warehousing and distribution of goods from manufacturing to end-of-life waste management. Careers in information management for optimization, as well as vehicle maintenance and transportation provide a wide career ladder.
GOVERNMENT Government careers can be in elected positions to support positions to implement regulations, laws and social programs. Government careers include jobs in all careers, all locations, and all levels of the career ladder.
Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency job training includes facilities management, high performance building materials such as windows and insulation, as well as weatherization services and utilitiesy conservation.
Green & Clean Technologies Green, environmental and clean technologies for business, communities and homes include energy, food, transportation and more. "Green" is an approach to everything!
Skills & Certifications for Career Development Skills & Certifications for career development benefit from quality training and certification programs in specific areas. We help you find quality training and certification.
Work Readiness
EDUCATION & TRAINING Education is a lifelong requirement for today's complex world - from preschool to post doctorates and on the job training for career advancement, education offers many career opportunities.
Career Development Career Development is a lifelong challenge from kindergarten through post-retirement. Training is a significant part of that pathway, and we help you find good training and certification programs.
Employer Expectations Employers want self-disciplined, talented team members who shape their own career development.
Funding for Training Funding for training is available from many public, private and employer sources. Planning ahead is essential to develop your skills and career with quality training at reasonable prices.
Automotive Job Certifications Automotive Job Certifications are available for vehicle design, maintenance, repair, and support infrastructures such as fuel and after market parts.
Microsoft MCP Microsoft and their certified trainers offer a wide range of IT career certifications.
CEUs - Continuing Education Units
Health Practitioners Health Practitioners practice in a changing industry, changing social conditions and changing technology. We foster awareness and access to "green and sustainable" solutions.
Board Certification
Biology / Science Biology / Science certifications in Health Care have many new career opportunities. We focus on green and sustainable certifications and career information.
EMERGENCY SERVICES Emergency services protect and secure local communities with both local and regional / national prevention, emergency response and long term coordination.
Facilities Management Facilities Management careers benefit from high performance operations, IT, and green building strategies that can be part of certification programs for facility management.
Emergency Management Emergency Management includes prevention planning, best practices, environmental assessment, health, financial strategies, and crisis management. Communities, businesses and even families need emergency management skills and strategies.
Fire Services Fire services training includes both prevention and emergency response to prevent loss of life and loss of property, as well as minimization of impact on natural systems.
Flood and Water Management Flood and storm water management careers involve earth moving, landscaping, planning and many other equipment and service jobs that protect human life and property, as well as environmental systems that protect fresh water, wildlife and vegetation.
Motorola Certifications Motorola Certifications for professional IT development.
Natural Resources Management
Waste management Waste management jobs and careers range from recycling, composting, reuse, takeback programs, and reduction of waste in manufacturing and use of products and supplies. Waste management careers are growing and transforming to meet new compliance and climate change imperatives.
Green Building
Regulation / Compliance Regulation and Compliance careers balance laws and field applications to improve and meet legal requirements for licensing, environmental quality, public health, etc.
Sustainable Corporate Strategies
HVAC & R Professionals HVAC & R Professionals design, install and maintain heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems in residential and commercial buildings, with additional specializations in transportation.
Operations for Efficient Solutions Operations for efficient solutions with sustainable productivity today!
Consulting Consulting provides professional services to gather information, analyze it and recommend strategic and tactical solutions that face business, governments or even individuals. Consulting is a broad career that demands high levels of experience, connections and knowledge.
Lighting Certification Lighting professions include product and system design, system engineering, windows and fenestration for natural light, and new technologies such as LEDs.
Manufacturing Manufacturing careers include wide varieties of skills and knowledge bases from product design, processes, transportation, compliance and human resources. Manufacturing careers are becoming more and more global as production is managed and distributed globally.
Supply Chain Solutions for Sustainable Productivity Today Efficient supply chain solutions for sustainable productivity today in manufacturing and distribution.
Cisco Certifications Cisco Certifications for professional IT development.
Metal Working Metal working is widely used in construction, manufacturing, even transportation - and certified welders and metal workers are respected contractors.
Human Relations Human Relations, or HR departments and functions provide many administrative, hiring and employee program services, especially in larger companies. Taxes, insurance and compliance reporting are essential for companies with employees.
Workforce Development
Career Counseling
Product Management Product management includes development, costing, marketing, take back programs, instruction communications and innovation migration to meet changing economy conditions and changing marketplace distribution.
Product Development / Innovation Product manufacturing starts with product development and innovation, and continues with product refinement and product management to commercialize the new product.
AIPMM - Product Management AIPMM - Product Management for high performance manufacturing and product development, product commercialization and marketing.
Military / Families
Green Chemistry
Job Boards Job boards provide online access to lower and middle level jobs, but few senior level positions. Find the job boards for your industry, neighboring industries, and key employers
Greenhouse Gases
Reporting Programs Reporting programs monitor compliance and scale of actions to meet laws and regulations, especially in critical public health areas such as air quality, food, and water quality.
Compliance Guidelines Compliance guideline careers include engineering, science, legal, and managerial specialties to implement strategies for improvement, monitor progress, and report compliance data to government regulatory agencies.
Environmental Consulting Environmental consulting often involves analysis of environmental data and trends, compliance and problem solving for problems such as oil spills, air pollution and materials management for waste management improvement.
Carbon Footprint
Investment, Finance Investment and finance careers for sustainability include the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. Lifespan accounting covers the entire supply chain, or value chain from raw materials, through manufacturing, transport, end use, and waste management.
Green Chemistry and IPM
Pest Management
Conservation Practices
Public Utilities Public utilities provide the infrastructure of water, transportation, energy and related social and governmental services to provide quality of life for citizens and a platform of capacity for businesses and organizations to function sustainably.
Sustainble Agriculture
Sustainable Agriculture
Community Planning Community Planning careers encompass the diversity of ecosystems and human community infrastructure - from roads and water to energy and health care systems. All career categories, job levels, and skills can find a home in community planning careers, but specific training and certification can balance the public and private sectors involved in urban and community planning.
Risk Management
International Business International Business has been practiced since early days of shipping and caravans - but has increased with Internet communications and information exchange, and faster transport and logistics.
Child and Youth Care Training and Certification Child and Youth Care Training and Certification
Adobe Certification Adobe Certification for software and IT high performance is applicable to media, IT, design, product management and related creative professions.
Information Information is a key component of management and operations to measure production and sales, as well as plan, report and strategize for sustainable organizations.
Community Services
Information / Librarians
Training Selection Training selection is most effective when you match your future needs with your experience, and build your mastery of knowledge and skills in demand by a specific niche.
Building - Construction
Innovation Innovation is essential in ALL careers, whether it's materials innovation, processes, marketing, merchandising systems, or regulations that optimizes the system of technology, distribution and social quality of life.
Geo Sciences
Renewable Energy Systems
Solar PV
Solar Thermal
Logistics & Inventory
Recycling Recycling reduces landfill materials and can reclaim materials for manufacturing new products. Recycling careers can include engineering and design of products using recycled content, as well as procurement, management and marketing of recycled content products.
Agriculture Supply Chain
Exports / International Trade
Wind Energy
Air Quality
Air Quality / Emissions
Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality / Emissions
Emergency Management
Internal Training (Corp, Gov)
Health / Public Health
Preventive Medicine in Healthcare Preventive Medicine in Healthcare can reduce pain and suffering as well as cost of care. Health issues such as obesity, asthma, and accidents can be improved with preventative health practices by patients. We bring visibility to key preventive health care solutions.
Wastewater Careers Waste Water Certification Programs are part of water conservation and recycling programs to protect our small and threatened fresh water supplies.
Housing Professionalism Housing professionalism and quality increases when developers, architects, contractors and even consumers are well informed about new, high performance technologies and techniques. New construction and residential certifications improve energy efficiency, water conservation, and indoor air quality, among other quality levels.
Hazardous Materials Hazardous materials management and handling requires extensive safety and chemical or materials knowledge and government certifications.
Solid Waste
Retail Retail career development often starts on the front line of customer service and progresses into specialized areas such as merchandising, security, purchasing, finance or human relations and retail management.
Security Security professionals provide risk management strategies to prevent harm to persons and property, as well as information, systems and reputation.
Underwriting Underwriting is an essential element of risk management for business.
Mortgages and Loans Certification Mortgages and Loans Certification for career development in finance and business management.
Insurance Insurance provides a risk management tool for individuals and organizations by researching and sharing risks. High risk behaviors, however, stress insurance and risk management beyond reasonable limits, as the recent financial collapse indicates.
Risk Management Training and testing for knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the successful management of risk in emergencies, business, investment and community.
Insurance Insurance pervades personal, business and community operations and in one of the most complex purchases made because of complex contracts. Education and certification can bring professional knowledge and practices to this field that has been known for high pressure and rampant abuses.
Risk Management
Employee Programs Employee programs can range from insurance to orientation and training coordination, but also community outreach, recreation, sports and information to help employees manage their careers, homelife and community participation.
Entertainment, Music and Sound Technical and creative entertainment careers include visual, music and sound, as well as the management, training, distribution and preservation of cultural history.
Internet Careers The Internet has changed everything in business! Information is now embedded in every product and service to help managers manage and consumers purchase and consume with more informed choices.
Sales & Marketing Sales and marketing training and certification can enhance company management, revenue and opportunities to develop innovative pathways into the future economy.
Marketing Marketing bridges production and the distribution and sale of goods and services. Marketing careers can be in communications, logistics, distribution, sales, training or strategic planning.
Project Management Project management careers include knowledge about operations and management, as well as time allocation, property and materials management, risk management and employee and team motivation to meet goals and objectives.
Project Management
Information Security Training and Certification Information Security training and certification is required to keep pace with software and hardware version enhancements and high tech pace of development. Certifications play a major career role in IT.
IT Information Technology
Renewable Power
Carbon Capture & Storage
Sales & Marketing Sales and marketing provide an essential link between the inventoried product in the warehouse and the customer's hand. Sales management, inside sales, sales promotion, trade show coordination and field sales are fundamental sales functions for both manufacturing and service companies.
Extended Care
Construction Management Construction Management training and certification stretches from development and community planning through design, construction, facilities management and retrofitting.
Codes & Compliance Codes and compliance are part of the cost of business in construction and facility management. Regulations cover a host of operational measurements such as safety, air quality, energy efficiency, pollution discharges, etc. Certification in specific disciplines is required to comply effectively.
Safety & Risk Management
Clean Energy
Green Businesses Green businesses are growing into every business and nonprofit sector by providing environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional goods and services. Many green businesses are small - with under 10 employees, as the green economy develops into the mainstream of business practices.
Health care
Water Conservation Water conservation optimizes use and application of water to save not only fresh water, but the energy required to process and transport water.
Real Estate Real estate includes sales, management, facilities management, homeownership, and green building and remodeling. We help you find more sustainable solutions for this sector that consumes 40% of our national energy.
Technology Certifications
Solar Thermal
Solar PV
Concentrated Photovoltaic CPV
Indoor Air Quality Indoor Air Quality is a major factor in health of family, employees and customers because people spend as much as 95% of their time indoors. Proper ventilation is definitely a "best practice."
ISO Standards ISO Standards are audited product, process and company standards for global trade feature and shared quality language.
Green Careers Green careers include industry leadership and job training and placement in diverse jobs that protect environmental integrity and systems, protect human health and social justice while upholding federal and state laws regarding clean air, clean water, wildlife and habitat, sustainable communities, and new technologies for energy and chemistry efficiency. Green careers are found in almost every sector of the economy, and are more about strategies than specific job categories -- every job can be a greener job.
Green jobs
Green job training
Enviromental Companies
Environmental Engineering
Air-Quality Specialists
Managers and Supervisors
Industry Sectors
Wastewater Treatment
Solid Waste Management
Water Equipment / Chemicals
Water Utilities
Resource Recovery - Recyling
Hazardous Waste Management
Social Responsibility
Risk Management
Reporting and Commuications
Green Job Training Catalog
Green Job Descriptions
Education and Training
Serious Games
Leadership and governance
Floriculture & Landscape
Instructor-led Training
Technology-based Training
Facility Jobs
Facilities & Buildings
Energy Efficiency
Green Chemistry
Green Operations
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Renewable Energy
Wind Energy
Solar energy
Biomass Energy
Self-development & learning
Clean Energy Investments
Affordable Housing
Economics & Strategy
Information Technology
Self-Employment: Work at home
Productive Home
Finance & Banking
Creative Services
Brownfields Cleanup
Continuing Education
Registered Apprenticeships
Information Technology IT
OJT On the Job Training
Career Toolbox
Field Trips
Tools of the Trade
Transportation & Logistics
Green Career Solutions The Solutions for Green Careers section of the Green Job Wizard brings to you a wide variety of articles about carreer options, training options, and networking for your personal and team development.

EPA Brownfields Training for Youth

Limitless Vistas, Inc. training program teaches inner-city youth job skills in environmental assessment and improvement, as well as the value of community service.

Planet Work, an immersive serious game for workforce readiness

Planet Work - a serious game developed using Thinking Worlds for Ufi learndirect

Ecometrics for Continuous Improvement (and Green)

Green Building & Renewable Energy Online Certification Programs

The green industry is poised for major growth. In its Green Outlook 2009 report, McGraw-Hill Construction predicts the green building market will double from today's $36-49 billion level to $96-140 billion, representing 20-25% of new commercial and institutional construction starts by 2013.

Occupational Training & Education Levels for Careers

Occupational training and education classifications were developed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to reflect occupation proficiency and employer preferences.

General and Operations Managers

General and Operations managers in business provide workforce planning, financial management and oversite, and general policies and procedures for the business.

Gen Y differences are changing the working world

Gen Ys are wired differently from the rest of the workforce.  

Registered Apprenticeship Grant Recipients

Apprenticeship resources from the Dept. of Labor

Let's Rise to the Occasion!

The Green Job Wizard is published by Solutions For Green, an information media company that focuses of green, environmental and sustainable solutions to the current pressing issues: energy constraints, environmental degradation, and community sustainability.

Edited by Carolyn Allen, Managing Editor of Solutions For Green


EPA Brownfields Training for Youth
Green Building & Renewable Energy Online Certification Programs
Occupational Training & Education Levels for Careers
Let's Rise to the Occasion!
Green Job Training Catalog

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